Helping amputees and phantom limb pain


Treating phantom limb pain with free mirrors and mirror therapy ...globally.


I have so very many peeps to thank for so very many things. Let’s just kiss and keep it to this MeAndMyMirror project:

First off, without both the hands-on help and cash infusion from David Hollands and his wife Carol Prantner, this thing woulda been a basement-suite dream. On that basement-suite topic, Peter and Judy Grant, in Vancouver, smothered me in friendship and gave me their livingroom floor as my roof while I cooked all this up. Thanks P & J.

Kent Hawkins and the rest at ICEBREAKER MERINO clothing have given me a veritable trousseau of super-fine base layer and outer wear AND cycling wear to make me both stylie and comfy while I’m spreading the word.

Little Sporty Gordie Moreside,the proprietor of DIZZY CYCLES, the best shop in Vancouver, and all his myriad and excellent peeps have hooked me up with a sweet ride and quite a bit of attendant gear. If it weren’t for them, I’d be walking, and walking is far too pedestrian.

Giant Thanks are also due to VANCOUVER PROSTHETICS and ORTHOTICS

to Tom, Ben, Randy, Steve, Melani and everyone else who, through Thick and Thin and since the beginning, have always kept me up and running (or at least riding) with total professionalism and admirable compassion.

Then there’s Cher Michael Kastenbaum from CONSCIOUS  ACTION NETWORK, who shot that mini-vid with me in Addis Ababa which you see at the top of this blog. I’m not so much thanking Michael for the vid, but for just being Michael. If you go to their link (above), you’ll see that it’s people like Michael that make the world continue to want to go around …   .

A Jumbo Shout also needs to go out to Mike Ryan, the Lone Hand behind TIME EQUALS NOTHING PRODUCTIONS, the website development outfit that is making this all possible. Thanks Mike!!!

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