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Treating phantom limb pain with free mirrors and mirror therapy ...globally.

About Me

Hi I’m Stephen Sumner,

I lived in Vancouver Canada all my adult life. A logger, a fisherman, a photo model, a fisherman again and a hobo-drifter all my life. First I ski raced (which I was never terribly good at) then I raced bikes – road bicycles – (at which I was maybe fair-to-middlin’, but for which, in any case, I developed a life-long passion). Bikes took me all over the world – and to the Tuscany, for obvious reasons, over and over and over again. One night 7 or 8 years ago while I was there, I was riding a motorbike home from pizza with friends in Siena and was hit and run over and left for dead in a farmer’s field.

I lost my left leg above the knee, but got lucky in every sense – and still am.

Mission Statement


MISSION STATEMENT: I am dedicated to alleviating the suffering caused by phantom limb pain in conflict/impoverished areas around the world.

Most amputees suffer agony in the limb(s) they no longer have (phantom pain). The pain is neurologic and has, for centuries, been little understood. I have embraced a therapeutic technique called ‘Mirror Therapy’ which was discovered Dr. Vilayanur S. Ramachandran in California some years ago. Treatment involves solely the use of a household mirror and the success rate is virtually 100%.


With a mirror costing less than $10, every dollar truly makes a difference. Each amputee that I can spend 10 minutes with lives a life free of phantom limb pain. Making a contribution is simple. Me and My Mirror accepts donations through a secure PayPal page.

Stephen Sumner - Me and My Mirror

Stephen Sumner explaining phantom limb pain therapy for amputees.

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PhantomPain: a memoire: Its All In Your Head Book Cover

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Learn about Stevo’s personal story with phantom pain from his new book:

Phantom Pain: A Memoire: It’s All in Your Head


Also available for purchase through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Proceeds form the sale of this book go to keeping alive and at work around the world helping amputees suffering with phantom limb pain.

As always, thanks so much for you support!