Helping amputees and phantom limb pain


Treating phantom limb pain with free mirrors and mirror therapy ...globally.

XTRACYCLE!!!   :-)


on Jan 6, 2016

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Another great partnership: a beautiful new bright orange ’24 D CARGO’ bike from the fine people at XTRACYCLE in Oakland. Stout and Steel and built for Real! With some small riding position mods for long hours in the saddle starting in January in Cambodia. I deliver! To the villagers, often in their very villages. This skookum bike has a meter-long rack on the back and a nice low center of gravity that will allow me to carry as many as 70-75 hand-made mirrors in one go. Now all I need is to get there and buy the acrylic for the mirrors ; and order to do that YOU NEED TO HELP. DONATE to this worthy effort and get a wonderful mission off the ground!!