Helping amputees and phantom limb pain


Treating phantom limb pain with free mirrors and mirror therapy ...globally.




By on Oct 9, 2015 in Outreach

If you enjoyed the read, please feel free to share itSHOUT IT OUT! A tremendous THANK YOU! to READER’S DIGEST USA, who took an interest in my story and reprinted and freshened-up a MOSAIC SCIENCE article ( on Me and My Mirror’s work in S E Asia. The article is being read by many thousands of people across the States and has created a great upwelling of interest, questions and queries, moral support and also donations. I am busily planning another ‘Me and My Mirror’ work mission to, this time, Burma (Myanmar) and northern Sri Lanka in addition to returning to both Lao and Cambodia. I am very focused on making it a crazy-active, successful and fortifying time for all, so the RD USA article and all the interest from American readers comes at a pivotal time. No tickee, no laundree! And all my work is funded by donation alone. Here are some snippets of the kind of interest, queries and enthusiasm that the article has engendered. Bravo USA! It’s a timely burst of interest as I am imminently headed by to SE Asia (particularly Lao) where any warm-blooded American would quickly concur that it wouldn’t hurt to give a little back: Hi Stephen, Thanks for the email. I actually work at Reader’s Digest and loved your story. I hope my small contribution helps 🙂 Gloria …My wife had a stroke a two years ago and she has severe pain in her right hip which nobody can find a reason for . MRI’s you name it. When she first stands up from a chair or gets out of an automobile, the pain is severe. This is on her paralysed side. They think it’s a brain issue. Do you think mirror therapy would work for something like this? A/ Hi Patrick, Thanks for your interest! Your question is a good one. I have had success with treating stroke victims with mirror therapy; in many ways stroke victims are ideal recipients of the type of brain messages afforded by the therapy. I would gamely say that it is certainly worth a try especially as her pain is located on the ‘phantom side’. The functionality of mirror therapy depends on the existence...

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